MP Dial 100-A Game-Changer for Law Enforcement

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Police are committed to providing professional law enforcement services to 52 districts in the state. The police force is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals, preventing crime, and building community partnerships to justify its motto of ‘Desh Bhakti, Jan Seva’. Transforming the state’s emergency response system is of paramount importance for several reasons. First and foremost, a more transparent and integrated system ensures that emergency services are delivered efficiently and effectively. This can help save lives, reduce the impact of
emergencies on individuals and communities, and enhance public safety.

From Concept to Reality

The MP Dial 100 project is a state-wide emergency response system that aims to provide quick and
effective assistance to citizens in case of emergencies. The project is an initiative of the Madhya Pradesh Police, which is committed to improving law enforcement services and ensuring
public safety.

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